Intralogistics is a worldwide growing sector. Germany contributes 20% to it and the focus of German Intralogistics is to be seen in the state of Baden-Württemberg. The “Intralogistik-Netzwerk in Baden-Württemberg e.V.” is a non-profit association that has two equally important aims: Scientific and practical implementation.

Here you can find our self-portrayal on three sides in different languages:

This is Intralogistics

Intralogistics covers the organization, execution and improvement of in-house material flow for industrial enterprises, wholesalers, retailers and public institutions supported by technical systems, services and by human and energy resource allocation. Nearly every company is dependent on the application of in-house intralogistics. Lifting equipments and cranes, roll conveyors, belt conveyors and forklift trucks are linked to bigger production lines and they are extended by software for warehouse technology and centers for distribution. Any kind of production, distribution of goods and delivery, uses intralogistics systems.

Storage Koch, Neff und Volckmar GmbH
Storage Koch, Neff und Volckmar GmbH

The economic standing of Intralogistics

Intralogistics is a worldwide growing sector with a total trade volume of 34.5 billion Euros (2004). Germany contributes 20% to it and is promoted to be Export-World-Champion in this industrial sector. In Germany,manufacturing, distribution and services involving intralogistics technologies and systems is keeping around 95,000 employees busy. This sector is growing continuously: During the last five years the turnover has grown by about 50%. Approximately 4,000 new jobs could be provided every year. The focus of German Intralogistics is to be seen in the state of Baden-Württemberg.

Who we are

The “Intralogistik-Netzwerk in Baden-Württemberg e.V.” is a non-profit association that has two equally important aims:


  • beneficial to science, research and development as well as education in the field of intralogistics,
  • beneficial to the transfer of knowledge and technology out of universities towards practical use,
  • initiation, co-ordination and development of enduring and inter-corporate research- and development-projects with research facilities in the state of Baden-Württemberg,
  • enabling of public supported programme for the benefit of science, research and development as well as education.

Practical implementation

  • beneficial to communication and sharing of experiences between manufacturer, user, developer and researcher for development of new technical strategies and new synergistic effects based on knowledge-sharing,
  • participation and support in the education of the industrial sector’s new blood and in its vocational training,
  • systematical enabling of the know how in significant industrial sectors of Baden-Württemberg.

The common ground of both aims is a basis for our association offering the first institutionalized platform for constant networking for both areas. This service is only provided by Intralogistik-Netzwerk in Baden-Württemberg e.V.

Our membership:  Kompetenznetze Deutschland (Networks of Competence Germany).

Motivations of our members

Intralogistik-Netzwerk in Baden-Württemberg e.V. is a young organization with real dynamic development. Its members are asked to set their own trends depending on their motivation:

The members organize themselves in different project groups to achieve multifaceted aims of the network. Some of the current tasks, for example, are:

  • development and implementation of new courses for studies and vocational training offers in Baden-Württemberg,
  • constitution of inter-corporate Trainee Programme,
  • consolidation of specialized sharing of experiences,
  • preparation and development of different applied joint research projects.

For intralogistics users

We would like to demonstrate to you the logistical coherence of the complete system, beyond the consideration of technique. Our activities – like building a benchmarking system – should give you advice for improvement and increases in efficiency. Practice-oriented professional development should be promoted on every level.

For intralogistics suppliers

In our network you would get directly in contact with different users and you would hear of their demands at first hand. We intend to be an “intralogistics-trend-scout” for immediate recognition. Skills of public research institutions will be made transparent and the acquisition of public support programmes will be facilitated.

For intralogistics universities

Here you will find the current demands in the research and development of intralogistics practice. You will be enabled to estimate the economic pertinence of scientific questions. Together with colleagues from related disciplines beneficial research programmes are made accessible easier. First applications will be implemented together with partners from industry as well as Case Studies for traineeship.

How to contact us

For further information or in case of interest in cooperation please do not hesitate to contact our agency.

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